Here is a list of specific services I offer to expatriates in Germany:


  • Searching for pregnancy specialists (gynecologist, midwife,...)
  • Finding the best place for you to give birth
  • Helping you choose a birth training class
  • Preparing a birth plan
  • Setting up an individual organization plan with all the to do's
  • Specific discussion around perinatal practices in Germany
  • Setting up your baby gear in relation to your needs
  • Legal information related to pregnancy and maternity
  • Support with executing the administrative tasks
  • Pregnancy concierge


Other services I also offer as a Baby Planner:


  • Setting up a room for your baby
  • Advice on what is a healthy environment at home
  • Setting up a plan „1000 days“ after your baby is born
  • Helping to find the right childcare?
  • Finding the right strategy for returning to work as a new mother


Feel free to contact me in order to get your personalized quotation